SELL NOW! 3 reasons why you SELL NOW!

Should I sell my home?   

The market is hot.  So hot that smart home buyers know they need to submit a full price offer on a well maintained property or they will get beat to the punch!  For a home owner looking to sell this is priceless!  Knowing this is the trend in our local market makes the decision to sell an easy one!

If you're even remotely considering selling, here are 3 reasons to...sell now:

1-Sell now because: There is certainly a lack of "show ready" inventory.  If you maintain your home, you've updated professionally and the home is CLEAN, you can pull in top dollar for your home right now.  If you're not sure your house is ready, now is a great time to alow for a 10 minute walk through appointment to hear what could be improved to net you top dollar on a sale.

2-Sell now...to MOVE UP!  Interest rates have done the exact opposite of what was expected this year.  They have dropped!  Interest rates on home loans should remain low through the end of the year.  This means if you were thinking of moving up, you can lock in a low rate now.  You also have the ability to buy more house if that is what you are looking to do.  My team of expert mortgage lenders can listen to your real estate goals and help fit you for a loan product that will work for your specific need.

3-Sell now...to take advantage of your increased equity.  When the value of your home goes up since you've purchased,your equity has most likely increased!  If you were smart enough to buy in 2011 or even 2012 in Palm Beach County, you capitalized on the bottom of the market.  You may be shocked at your current value today.  Now is a great time to find out what your home is worth if you want to sell your house this year.  Knowing your value will also help you plan your next housing move so that you can make a smart decision when re-investing your equity.


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