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11 days on the market.  That's the average (my average) "days on market" or "marketing time" until a property goes under contract based on the inventory I carried in 2016.  Part of the reason for the quick sale is that almost all of the properties in that range shared a common theme, the auction.  The process is actually so streamlined that I dialed the auction company at one point last year and asked if there was any way possible to add the more difficult to sell condo inventory into the mix and auction those off too.  Last year, the answer was no.  Now, that has changed.

I'm excited to be able to offer my retail sellers the opportunity to structure their property sale with the option to head into auction.  This is a breakthrough for my future sellers for a number of reasons.  First, the auction casts a wider net.  The auction site adds an extra level of syndication to a crazy big amount of potential buyers.  Think of this like the transition from just the big three tv networks when cable came around.  Did we gain a better signal?  Yes! And, bigger reach when it came to programming.  

Secondy, the auction creates desire.  Everyone wants to get into the game before the game is over.  They don't want to miss out.  Buyers recognize there is a time deadline when an auction is scheduled.  The auction makes buyers and investors suddenly very decisive.  The auction process also weeds out the buyers who are really not "right now" buyers but truly more buyers who should not have been out with an agent because they simply aren't ready.

Lastly, and not the very last reason but where I would like to leave the conversation for the moment, the auction gives a seller the option to truly know where the market is and how the price sits with the current buyer pool.  

The bottom line, I have an extra to offer that other listing agents cannot.  For more information about the cost to you as the seller, please feel free to call me or email so we can chat for a quick minute about your situation to see if you are a match for the option of an auction.  

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